Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It is all about priorities. When you have more then three colleges in your district like congressman Frelinghuysen does, you would think you would put college tuition and student loans on your list of priorities, at least more important then building a bridge to no where in Alaska. You would think that would be the case but sadly you would be mistaken. You see Congressman Frelinghuysen voted to cut student loans. Why?


Blogger TomWyka said...

...To finance tax cuts which are "good for the economy". They conveniently separated the two votes to hide the absurdity. Until the trickle-down myth is debunked we'll continue to have this argument.


From Rodney's own site...

"By allowing New Jerseyans to keep more of their hard earned money, the tax relief extension measures passed by the House today are critical to keeping our economic momentum going."
(The GOP continue to pander to the electorate's self-interest regardless of the long term consequences)


$40 Billion Spending Cuts + $70 "tax relief" = bigger deficits

But of course as Cheney said, Reagan taught us "deficits don't matter".

We need data to debunk this.
(For some reason my links are getting chopped. Any ideas?)

Anyone know anyone with economics expertise? Apparently the argument is all over the map...

I like the comment on this item....
"Some investments MUST be made by the government because the private sector will never pay for them (remember "public goods" from Econ 101?). We are shortchanging a lot of these in the USA right now. The problem is that the bad effects of doing this dont show up right away - The cost of not making investments only shows up later when you dont get the output that would have been created (or your kids get a lousy education because there's no money to improve their school). But the Republicans dont seem to care. Either they are just acting like politicians and have the planning horizon of a mosquito or they are rich enough not to care what happens to the rest of us."

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