Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rights and wrongs

Economic freedom and civil liberties are inseparable. Both are threatened by unaccountable power that refuses to be confined by the rule of law. Yet our esteemed congressman seems to thinks its ok if we curtail both. How can our capitalist system flourish if the foundations of it are eroded by our federal government?

If our government is willing to give a way some of our liberties, like fourth amendment protection from searches and seizures without warrants, what is to stop them from giving up our rights to say sell what we want? Where do you draw the line? I mean will the government create a list of companies we can not do business with because they do not believe in the policies of our federal government? How can our congressman not be outraged?

Our congressman claims that he believes that America works best when Americans are in control yet he supports the removal of our liberties. I mean what good is more money if we can not use the way we want? Our congressman also claims that he is in support of opening up new markets to our goods, yet he supports laws that detract from it.

New markets come from other countries' respect, admiration and our reputation for being a country of honor, integrity and being a good country to do business with, yet no other administration and congress has done more to ruin this. Did Congressman Frelinghuysen think it was to easy for Americans do business overseas? How can other countries trust us to uphold agreements and trade laws if we do not uphold our domestic ones? How can they trust us when we hold our leaders accountable?

When will the hypocrisy end?


Blogger wkmaier said...

Crap! The Daily Record has my letter to Cong. Frelinghuysen in the print edition today, but it's not online. What's with that???

4:26 AM, December 22, 2005  

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